Last Updated - March 20 2020

Persona mobile application launches in iOS App Store

March 6, 2020


We as a nation are living in unprecedented times. Most colleges and universities have closed, with students scattered and attempting to continue their educations online. Plans have been interrupted, and lives disrupted.

Persona aims to be the place where human stories are told through conversation. Today, in conjunction with the College Media Association, we are announcing an opportunity for college students everywhere to tell the stories of this incredible time through interviews: The Persona College Interview Contest.

The Persona College Interview Contest allows student journalists to showcase their interviewing skills to win a paid internship with Persona this summer or fall (their choice -- can be done from anywhere). To enter just post an interview to the Persona social media app by either recording it in the app or uploading it. All interviews must be tagged with the "CMA 2020" topic tag. We encourage you to conduct interviews on the topic of “coronavirus” (also a taggable topic) and the impact it is having on those around you, but any interview is eligible. All interviews should be conducted at a safe social distance of six feet, or remotely using our “Ask a Question” feature which allows a single question to be sent and answered remotely.

Persona is a new social media startup focused on interviews and conversations. It recently launched its beta mobile app that allows anyone to create or discover question and answer content -- either in person or remotely. You can download the app for either iPhone or Android and today.

The winning interview will be the one with the most "claps" from the Persona community by midnight on Saturday, April 18th. Students can feel free to recruit friends to download the app and clap for their interviews.

Questions or problems with the app? Email We can't wait to watch your interviews. Good luck and be safe!

Rob Simmelkjaer
CEO & CO-Fonder Persona